Quality Policy

Quality for ITALFIL S.p.A.it is a system of objectives to be pursued, articulated and improved over time according to the Customers and all interested parties.

Quality planning is guided by the Stakeholders, whose needs and expectations are highlighted in the Organization, Context and Positioning document in the Governance & Management Manual.

The quality of the organization is considered a strategic factor for the success of ITALFIL S.p.A.and the Management's commitment to improving it will be constant.

ISO 9001:2015 further promotes the interpretation of the company as a set of related processes for the achievement of short, medium and long-term objectives.

The reference method for acting at all levels is the PDCA. At top management level this means:

• Systematically review the strategic objective, policies and medium-short term objectives.

• Plan processes and schedule activities, implement actions to achieve the set objectives and monitor their outcome.

• Guarantee and budget the resources necessary for the organization: people, technologies, finance.

• Define the methods of carrying out and providing feedback on actions consistent with the established objectives, in particular by articulating the investigation through quality data, management control and benching.

• Make any performance linked to the objective achieved systematic.

The result to be continuously pursued, through the application of daily operations, is the satisfaction of all interested parties involved with ITALFIL S.p.A.

The summary of the expected results is recognizable in the strategic objective with respect to which ITALFIL S.p.A.will adapt its organization following the policies set out here.


  1. With the 'high level of know-how evolved in over 40 years of experience in the production of welding wires, ITALFIL S.p.A. has established the realization of a winning quality standards, which is always more recognized in the global market.

  2. The accurate and increasingly strict selection of the best available raw materials , permits ITALFIL S.p.A. to distinguish its reliability and consistency over the years.

  3. Research and development of technology always more avant-grade to our production processes, guarantee products which are more competitive and innovative.

  4. A range of products which have been in constant evolution over the years, allows us to meet varied market technical requirements. ITALFIL S.p.A. has more than 65 different products available in its range.

  5. A long and intensive collaboration over the years with the most famous names in the welding market, ensure safety and confidence in our brand.

  6. An always growing team ensures our service, your satisfaction is our goal.

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