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NEW wires

  • Reduces the quantity of fumes during welding
  • Rapid start of the arc
  • Constant Stick-out prevents the wire from sticking to the nozzle
  • Excellent sliding in the conduit and good feeding
  • Very low vibrations and very low start-up power needed
  • Extraordinary arc stability obtained in less than 1000 msec from the start.
  • Drastic reduction in splatters and their dimensions
  • Minimum quantity of silicates
  • Excellent aesthetic quality of the weld bead
  • Excellent when used in robotics and automation
  • In some applications can replace the flux core wires
  • Good Impact Strength values of up to -50° C in CO2 gas with the use of the NEW WIRE 2 wire
  • Considerable cut in maintenance and down time.

The range of the NEW WIRE wires were created with the intent to meet today’s high quality expectations and demands, which are always more extreme and to which weld wire manufacturers are subject to. Starting from the continuous increase of welding performance, to the need to reduce both maintenance and down time on the welding equipment and not least the quality of the weld itself. All these demands have caught the attention of ITALFIL SpA, which thanks to its expertise and knowledge in innovating both the processing of the products and the products used, have designed an innovative product that meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

NEW wires

Final results

The final result is that of a BARE wire and therefore, UNCOPPERED/BARE, a new generation produced by an extraordinary mix between the machining process used, which foresees dry drawing of the wire to the fi nished diameter and the additives employed therein which give the range NEW WIRE excellent properties yet to be found with the classical wires for MIG/MAG welding.

Tests carried out on the NEW WIRE show excellent speed in the start up of the arc and stability of the same, obtained in less than 1000 msec from the start. The graphs alongside compares, left graph, a standard excellent quality COOPER COATED wire and right graph, the NEW WIRE. The NEW WIRE takes less time to stabilize itself and as a result, the fl uctuation becomes minimal and imperceptible.

The stick-out (distance from the nozzle to the workpiece) remains constant avoiding, in the long run, that the wire sticks to the nozzle, leading to less maintenance and down time.

The extraordinary feeding in the conduit, low vibration and low effort for the advancement in a wide range of welding parameters, guarantee a minimum level residue loss, exalted in applications that involve the use of long conduits and / or with many bends, in robotics and automation.

copper freeNEW WIRE wires

The NEW WIRE ensure a drastic reduction of splatters and their size and a minimum quantity of silicates on the weld bead with an excellent aesthetic impact.

For these exceptional properties NEW WIRE can, in some applications, replace fl ux core wires With the NEW WIRE 2, good Impact Strength values up to -50 ° C with the use of CO2 gas have been obtained.

As for the range of EVO wires, the NEW WIRE also ensures reduced emissions of fumes during welding, safe guarding the health of the operators.




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